Black Belt Lean Six Sigma Workshop (3-week)

The Black Belt course begins with the Green Belt Curriculum and expands with a final week of advanced statistical tools. The Black Belts build on a solid base of Lean Six Sigma Skills with the tools and concepts that enable them to engage in higher level activitites such as assessing more complex data variation, constructing sampling plans and conducting design of experiments.

Black Belt Workshop Outline:


  • Statistical Overview
  • Review of Minitab


  • Power and Sample Size
  • Measurement Systems Analysis
  • Testing for Normality
  • Z Scores and Probability
  • Binomial and Poisson Capability


  • Formal Hypothesis Testing
  • Chi Square, f-Tests, t-Tests, ANOVA, Moods Median, etc.
  • Regression (Multiple, Linear, Binary, etc.)


  • DOE
  • Fractional Factorials


  • FMEA
  • Control Charts


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