FastPitch Workshop (1-Day)

Participants are exposed to the exciting leaps in process performance possible when applying basic tools to a sample business process. Participants build project charters, listen to customers, engage in process walks, map processes, read basic data displays, remove waste, run pilots and conduct rapid improvement events. During multiple rounds, participants use basic tools to overcome familiar issues such as excess cycle time, rework loops, redundant process steps, lack of customer focus, and the communication issues inherent in a growing business that has developed into separate silos. Participants experience familiar process issues but they are free to pave new roads to solutions. The day wraps up with participants who are energized and prepared to apply the process improvement tool set in the pursuit of operational excellence.

Workshop Outline:

Overview of Process Improvement

  • Lean Six Sigma and DMAIC

Round 1 - Experience a Shared Process

  • Define
    • Define the problem
    • Understand the Customers and the Process
  • Measure
    • Measure the impact
    • Display Charts and Graphs

Round 2 - Improve the Shared Process

  • Analyze
    • Assess the process and data
  • Improve
    • Apply Class Lean Six Sigma Solutions
  • Plan for a new process

Round 3 - Refine the Shared Process

  • Control
    • Maintaining Process Improvements
    • Translation Opportunities


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