Innovation Workshop (2-Day)

This 2-day workshop combines innovation training and follow-up one-on-one coaching in order to promote the individual “habit” of innovative thinking. Participants get templates, tools and coaching while practicing innovation on the job. Participants receive guidance on selecting and pursuing manageable innovation targets, building formal and informal partnerships and challenging and refining ideas. By pursuing a series of small but manageable innovations, participants partner and grow their relationships with managers, colleagues and external clients. This workshop is great for whole departments or groups of individual contributors looking to improve work life, improve customer satisfaction and build internal relationships. 

Innovation Workshop Outline:


  • The role of Innovation
  • The Innovation Cycle (Identify, Invite, Initiate, Iterate)


  • Understand Customer Focus
  • Develop Work Focus
  • Use Customer Focus and Work Focus to select Innovation Prospects


  • Create informal partnerships - Allies and Devil's Advocates
  • Stretch the innovation prospect
  • Bust assumptions
  • Build engagement


  • Articulate the Vision
  • Address Barriers
  • Pilot the Innovation


  • Check Results
  • Prepare for renewed innovations
  • Create the Innovation Habit


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