Lean Online - An Interactive, Remote Overview of Lean & Six Sigma (4.5-day)

A primer in the basics of Lean and Six Sigma that is designed to allow participants to apply the tools and concepts to real projects. The on-line instruction is combined with one-on-one coaching so that participants are able to make forward progress on improvement projects while gaining a foundation in the most commonly used and powerful continuous improvement tools. This workshop is a great way to get employees quickly engaged in improving the effectiveness and efficiency of their workplace.

Pre-Work Modules
  1. Lean Six Sigma Overview
  2. How to Select a project
  3. Project Chartering


Online Modules

Module 1

  1. Overview
  2. Eight Wastes
  3. Project Charter Review
  4. 5S

Module 2

  1. Value Stream Mapping
  2. Cycle Time & Takt Time

Module 3

  1. Process Mapping & Analysis
  2. Initial Data Analysis
  3. Standard Work Analysis

Module 4

  1. Improvement Options
  2. Risk Management
  3. Control & Response Plans
  4. Visual Controls


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