Coaching, Consulting & Training

Our highly interactive, hands-on approach focuses on organizational buy-in and support that deliver immediate results by using real-life scenarios and projects. Select a service below to learn more.

Coaching & Consulting

Project Team Coaching (On-site & Remote)
Project teams with newly trained leaders can boost their momentum on improvement projects if they have access to oaching. When internal coaching is spread thin, external coaching can ensure the gap is bridged. Teams will be able to make use of online tools to illustrate progress as well as conduct team activities with the assistance of a trained guide. Projects progress faster and quick wins help cement organizational ownership of Continuous Improvement initiatives.
Project Workshops
Dedicated 2- to 5-day workshops provide a structured method to make rapid progress on improvement projects. Many continuous improvement initiatives benefit from quick wins early on bringing instrumental momentum to the initiative. Team members and key process participants get assistance planning and conducting rapid improvement events with the permission from leadership to make essential changes. These workshops are customized in collaboration with team leads and organizational leadership.
Train the Trainer Workshops
Organizations embarking on Continuous Improvement Initiatives can take advantage of expert trainers to bring the training capability in-house. Swan's Consultants are adept at transferring the Lean Six Sigma instruction skills to either an established internal training team or to select Green Belts or Black Belts. This service is customizable to any and all training Workshops.

How We Work

We adapt to your needs:

Swan Consulting is dedicated to providing what clients need. Industries are different, organizations are different, and organizations within the same industry are still…different. Because of this, we spend time up front determining the right level and focus of training and consulting services that are right for you. Our consultants have enough depth and breadth of experience to enable us to customize every approach to meet your needs.

We develop effective leaders:

Another critical aspect of improvement initiatives is organizational buy-in. We spend time with your leadership to offer you best practices around program structure, internal marketing whether the initiative is top down or ground up. We structure our workshops and consulting efforts to help team leaders make rapid headway on improvements and generate not just buy-in but true ownership.

We understand what is required for success:

Our experience, high-energy, interactive workshops along with our ability to rapidly customize our services make the difference in all our engagements.