ImprovAction - An interactive Workshop for Advanced Facilitation Skills (2 Day)

This workshop combines improvisational techniques with current behavioral research to give participants a simple but powerful model of facilitation. Activities focus on increasing listening skills, enhancing flexibility, and providing new ways to engage others. Group activities focus on common issues such as how to handle group conflict, how to increase confidence and how to work within agendas but know when to diverge to get desired outcomes. Participants leave this two-day session with a powerful new toolkit enabling them to become engaging group leaders who can deftly guide any group to targeted outcomes.

Day One
  1. Introductions & Objectives
  2. Structure Sets You Free – the Catch-22 of Improv
  3. Yes, and… – Accepting Offers
  4. Don’t Be a Talking Head – Bias for Action
  5. Make Others Look Good  – Giving Gifts
  6. Use Mistakes – Embracing Happy Accidents

Day Two

  1. Give the Audience What it Wants – Don’t Overthink It
  2. Make Connections – Holding Attention
  3. Build Relationships – Managing Conflict
  4. Get To It – Staying on Track
  5. Tips and Tricks Wrap Up


Workshop Outline:

  • Overview
  • Structure Sets You Free - The Catch-22 of Improv
  • Don't Be a Talking Head - Bias for Action
  • Make Others Look Good - Giving Gifts
  • Make Mistakes - Embrace Happy Accidents
  • Yes and... - Accepting Offers
  • Give the Audience What it Wants - Don't Overthink
  • Make Connections - Holding Attention
  • Build Relationships - Managing Conflict
  • Get To It - Staying On Track


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