Overview of Lean Six Sigma Workshop (3-day)

This abbreviated Green Belt Workshop gives team leaders a primer on key Lean and Six Sigma Tools an concepts in an interactive workshop where activities are based on real projects. Instead of using abstract examples, participants get the basics and immediately apply them to organizational issues which ensures that the learning sticks. One-on-One coaching during the workshop ensures that participants leave having made forward progress on their projects.

  • Overview of DMAIC
  • Project Selection
  • Initial Project Charter


Workshop Outline:

Lean Overview

  • 8 Wastes


  • Project Charter Review
  • High-Level Process and Voice of the Process
  • 5S


  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Cycle Time & Takt Time
  • Data Collection & Operational Definitions
  • Cost of Poor Quality


  • Process Mapping
  • Intial Data Analysis
  • Standard Work Analysis & Spaghetti Charts
  • Cause & Effect Diagram


  • Prioritization Matrix
  • Risk Management
  • Improvement Options


  • Statistical Process Control
  • Control, Response Plans and Visual Controls


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